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Для любознательных - мозг 7025Xilleon 220 is the most advanced and highly integrated component for digital set-top boxes,information appliances, and televisions. Xilleon 220 provides dual-stream high-definitiondecode and display, an assortment of peripheral device controllers, and an embeddedmicroprocessor. It can be used as either an SOC (system-on-a-chip) solution or as a discretePCI multimedia device when coupled with an external CPU.Xilleon 220 provides system design flexibility for digital video and audio products. Itsupports transport stream selection and de-multiplexing in a variety of serial and parallelinput formats. It descrambles, filters, and decodes world-wide video and audio formats.Xilleon 220 displays graphics and high-quality scaled video. It also supports dualindependent displays, watch-one-record-one, and picture-in-picture display.
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