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1.1 million AIDS patients in Thailand The Director-General of the Disease Control Department, Dr. Thawat Suntrajarn ( ), says Thailand has more than 1.1 million AIDS patients, and 560, 000 of them have died. In the past, 140,000 people contracted AIDS annually, but over the last three years, the figure has dwindled to just 14,000. However, Dr. Thawat says he is concerned that more and more housewives and teenagers over 13 years of age have become the victims of this deadly sexually transmitted disease. He says the Disease Control Department is cooperating with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior together with private organizations to carry out Anti-AIDS campaign by providing knowledge of the disease as well as safe sex. Dr. Thawat says the next International AIDS Conference will be held in Mexico City this year. He says Thailand is looking to gain valuable experience and knowledge on AIDS from this event, and they will be applied in the country. Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 03 January 2008 --------------------
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